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Bookbed reviews: ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian’ by Sherman Alexie


bookbed the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie contains pages that will give you metaphorical boners and emotional erections. As Gordy, one of the characters in the book, funnily explained:

“Well, I don’t mean boner in a sexual sense. When I say boner, I really mean joy. Boner is funnier. And more joyful.”

Gordy was right—the book is worthy of all the comparative forms of (positive) adjectives, if not superlative.

bookbed the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian 1


Arnold “Junior” Spirit is a teenage boy who lives in poverty on a Spokane Indian Reservation. He was born with various medical conditions that made him the default target of bullies in the rez. Junior was regularly beaten up and picked on by almost everyone except his best friend, until, one day, he decided to leave the rez for a better education. He realized that he could deviate from the life that was destined for him if he fought back.


The wit and humor of Junior, coupled with his drawings (yes, it includes illustrations and comics), accurately defines the word awesome. If asked why I love this book, I may end up quoting everything to make sure I capture every bit of awesomeness of the story.

In fact, I made notes:

bookbed the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian 2

Aside from reading, the book teaches you how to fight. See, this book can turn you into a bookworm and a fighter at the same time. Pretty awesome!

bookbed the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian 3


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a great book. You have to personally go through it to get what I mean. Spare me the burden of having to explain why I love it because if this is love, then it is beyond rational reasons. All I know is that it gave me a metaphorical boner. ☁

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  • kb (@teensnark)
    Posted at 14:07h, 30 August Reply

    This was what I wrote in my own review back in 2011, which was when I first read this:

    “It’s a heart-breaking, enlightening, lifting story written in a marvelous way.”

    Can’t believe I used marvelous but there you go! I still feel the same. I love this book!!

  • L
    Posted at 15:59h, 30 August Reply

    Hi Kb!

    I should have read your book review first! Haha. I agree, it was heart-breaking, moving, and funny all at the same degree. How is that possible? I’m always excited to talk about this book!

  • avantgardelassie
    Posted at 01:46h, 20 January Reply

    Omg I’ve read this book because I had a class regarding the American Indians. I enjoyed it!

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