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Finding Rurouni Kenshin and Sailor Moon in Japan

by KB Meniado

I was in Tokyo last month and one of the places I loved visiting the most was this bookstore! I think you’ll know why.

bookbed kumazawa bookstore

At Aqua City in Odaiba

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 1

The “Rurouni Kenshin” films were in cinemas back then so it was imperative these existed:

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 2

I am not the biggest “Samurai X fan but I AM DEFINITELY A MOON CRYSTAL POWER MAKEUP GIRL.

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 3

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 4

You know, I’m not even sorry for taking that much photos. (Nobody stopped me from doing so, anyway.) Why are these not available worldwide again??

Speaking of global, I’m sure most of you can relate with the Naruto and Doraemon (only my favorite robot/cat in the world).

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 5

The Detective Conan series was also on-hand. (Photos excluded in this post because my fanatic of a brother seems to be almost in all of them.) It was basically a bookgasmic experience.

As for the local books, well, let’s say they were also eyegasmic.

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 6

Disney books were available in both English and Nihonggo as well but boy, were they equally pricey as the rest of the books (or as the rest in Tokyo).

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 7

Now, allow me to end this post with a universally known signature pose. ☁

bookbed kumazawa bookstore 8



KB Meniado is bookbed’s Head Cheer Reader. In the words of writer Orhan Pamuk, she read a book one day and her whole life was changed. Follow her @heykebe on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

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