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Bookbed reviews: ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ released by Kimchi Press


bookbed my name is kim sam soon

I was in high school when Koreanovelas struck Philippine TV like a typhoon on Signal No. 4. While it was not the kind of disaster people feared, it did disrupt lives. The “studying habit” I was only starting to cultivate ultimately went kaput. My friends seemed to have nothing else better to do but talk nonstop about last night’s episodes. My own parents were glued to Full House, Stairway to Heaven and Memories of Bali. (I remember we even visited the actual house in Full House.)

bookbed full house

Full House in Sido Island back in 2011 (In April 2013, the house was demolished.)

It is easy to understand why these romantic comedies are popular among Filipino audience: they present a fantasy most can relate to. Also, they are cute. A refreshing alternative to the boohooohoooo of Filipino dramas. As a reader, this is also why I wished for these Koreanovelas to have book counterparts. And ta-da! Kim Sam Soon!

bookbed my name is kim sam soon korean

“My Name is Kim Sam Soon” on Philippine TV in 2005


Twenty-nine-year-old patisserie chef Kim Sam Soon strikes a deal with businessman Jang Do Yeong wherein they pretend to be “together.” Predictably, this deal comes with a price—and a lot, at that.

bookbed my name is kim sam soon 1


I love pastries so you can just imagine how enjoyable (and frustrating) it was to read about Sam Soon baking and tasting cakes. Now I’m not sure how exact the translations from the Korean version are but to me, the descriptions are vivid. I could see the fluff of the icing on the page. If your imagination needs a trigger, the pretty cover might help.

And don’t worry much about how the story turns out. The book retains the trademark antics of the Sam Soon TV show we all know of. It also includes an Author’s Note from Ji Su-Hyun after the story ends.

bookbed my name is kim sam soon 2


Two things:

  • The book is made of quality material but at only 327 pages, it weighs like a hardcover.
  • A more keen proofreader, perhaps?

bookbed my name is kim sam soon 3


This book can pretty much disrupt my life anytime. Dear Kimchi Press, next one, please! ☁

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  • Hazel Evangelista
    Posted at 07:56h, 02 December Reply

    Ah! At last. Images with what’s inside the book. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, even though far older than the latest dramas I have watched is still one of my most favorite. It has everything, from drama, romance, comedy and you know, even though just like most drama plots of having a poor girl and a rich boy, it’s still one of a kind for me. And It’s the time I should buy one of this now. 🙂

    • bookbed
      Posted at 10:51h, 07 December Reply

      Hi Hazel! Thank you for reading our review. Yes, you def should pick this up. Enjoy the book!

  • RobotxRobot
    Posted at 17:19h, 17 January Reply

    Thanks for your review. I hope this book becomes available in the US. I really want a hardcover myself. No one on eBay is selling copies. I will just have to keep checking. 😀

    • bookbed
      Posted at 13:21h, 18 January Reply

      Thank you for checking us out and reading this review as well! You can visit Kimchi Press on Facebook: and ask if they can send out to you. 🙂

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  • Yang
    Posted at 08:39h, 04 November Reply

    Hi! Thank you for the review! The book looks awesome! And since I love this movie sooo much! I bet the book is even better. I was wondering if you would know where to buy or order the book from? If you could get back to me ASAP! I would appreciate it so muchhh!!!

    Thank you, Yang

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