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5 Ways ‘Insurgent’ Was Badass


I only picked up the trilogy after I saw Divergent The Movie. Fans of Divergent The Books, shake your heads at me but you know the power that is Veronica Roth, nay, Theo James, just can’t be denied.

I’m kidding. Divergent The Books are amazeballs and squares and rectangles. If I were only after the epitome of smoldering male specimen that is Theo, My Darling, I wouldn’t have moved on to the next book after the first. And I definitely wouldn’t have binge-read the trilogy on one Saturday when I could have spent the day on more… or less breathtaking activities, you know?

Moving on… the trailer of Insurgent was released in December last year, which means my feelings about it have been sitting for too long, culturing like good bacteria. With the movie screening only a month (!!!) away, it’s time to unleash some intense feelings about the trailer, which, as you may have seen, is its own branding of S U P E R B A D A S S.

For a 2-minute-and-24-second-long video, there are so many things to talk about. That mysterious box, the youthfulness of Evelyn Johnson (leader of the Factionless), Tris’ sick ‘do (and I don’t mean The Fault in Our Stars kind of sick), evil taking form in Jeanine Matthews, Octavia Spencer playing Amity speaker Johanna—uh, you know what, let’s just get on with it:

The Top 5 Ways In Which Insurgent Was Badass

bookbed insurgent

“Make it all stop, Hazel Grace…”

1. When The Dauntless Became Obsessed with Guns

(So bad, as in wrong.)

bookbed insurgent 1

You chose us, now we choose to shoot you

bookbed insurgent 2

Make any “Whiplash” references about my uniform and I won’t think twice

bookbed insurgent 3

I’m sad because there’s too much violence and also, I have only one cameo in this thing

2. When Evil Took a Human Form in Jeanine Matthews

bookbed insurgent 4

If Regina George has a Burn Book, I have a Mysterious Box

bookbed insurgent 5

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Jeanine Matthews

3. When More Strong and Beautiful Women Showed Up

bookbed insurgent 6

Evelyn Johnson (Naomi Watts), Four’s mother who could pass as his sister

bookbed insurgent 7

Johanna with Marcus (Four’s father)

By the way, no, these caps aren’t from The Matrix, although that would have been as fierce.

4. When the Struggles Became Real

(No drama, no life.)

bookbed insurgent 8

bookbed insurgent 9

bookbed insurgent 10

bookbed insurgent 11

5. When Tris shows up as Ms. Jamaica to the power of bangin’

bookbed insurgent 12bookbed insurgent 13

bookbed insurgent 14

Tris’ signature Miss Universe wave, everyone


bookbed insurgent 15

bookbed insurgent 16

Can’t wait to see this adaptation. What do you think about the trailer? Anything you want to add to this badass~ list? Share them in the comment section below! ☁

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