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Omigod, JD’s back!

by KB Meniado

bookbed jessica darling's it list

Don’t be fooled by the title of this review – Jessica, our Darling, the Darlingest of Them All, has been back for quite some time now. More than a year, in fact, so that merits an Omigod! again. (Sorry for the Omigod-ing; Sara’s catchphrase is just perfect for this.)

Now for the benefit of those who don’t have me as their (book)keeper, allow me to share: JD is Jessica Darling from the Jessica Darling books written by Megan McCafferty. It is a five-book series that follows her life from high school until after college.

bookbed jessica darling series

If you’ve seen that “YOU. YES. YOU.” meme that’s been around online for centuries now, or if you’ve come across the poem “Fall” (yes, I taunted and tempted / you with my forbidden fruit / doesn’t that make me / the serpent too?), THAT IS IT. DON’T LET IT GO.

I know it probably sounds like every other book you’ve seen around, but trust me on this one. Jessica’s voice makes all the difference. I would like to say she is the ultimate YA hero – because in my YA-loving heart, she’s uncontestable – but for peace in the world of words, let’s just say that JD is one of the BEST.

So this new JD series, what exactly is new with it?

Bedside story

Welcome to the JD’s It List series, where we witness Jessica in her younger years as a middle schooler. Here, she enters seventh grade aiming to be “popular, pretty and perfect,” which has Jessica turning to her older sister, Bethany, for some top tips on how to survive and thrive. Little does young Jess know, the It List is going to change her life in ways she did not ask for!

Up in the clouds

THANK YOU, MEGAN, THANK YOU. I’m well-aware that the new JD series is the back story to the first one, but I’m SO HAPPY that Jessica is still Jessica, meaning that her snark and wit remain, albeit on a different level. And even given that, she’s more adorable now that we know how she was as a tween!

bookbed jessica darling's it list 1

Speaking of tweendom, how fun was it to see younger versions of clueless Bridget, bitchy Manda, gossipy Sara and – get this! – nonchalant Hope???

bookbed jessica darling's it list 2

JD It List #1 also introduces “old” characters like Dori (mentioned in Sloppy Firsts) who was Jess and Bridget’s old best friend

I’d say VERY but not as much fun as when I met the young MARCUS FLUTIE ! ! !

bookbed jessica darling's it list 3


Blink and you still won’t miss it

With all the gushing I’ve done, you’re probably thinking, “What on earth could you possibly NOT like about this book?”

Well, I missed Scotty, Jessica’s supposedly first boyfriend. And while there was an allusion to Heath (Hope’s older brother who OD’d and died), I still have no idea who he is other than him being, excuse me, a Dreg. Maybe in the later books, then?



Seriously, the It List series is so promising and fresh that if you find it hard to enjoy reading lit for younger readers, this will definitely change your mind. ☁

Visit Megan McCafferty here.


KB Meniado is bookbed’s Head Cheer Reader. In the words of writer Orhan Pamuk, she read a book one day and her whole life was changed. Follow her @heykebe on InstagramTumblr and Twitter.

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    I didn’t know Jessica Darling is back!!! Young Marcus Flutie? YES PLS

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