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Bookbed turns 5!

We turn five today! In celebration, let’s look back to our memories from half a decade ago.


Bookbed ‘launches’ on (now


Bookbed moves to Facebook and Tumblr, and gains friends!

bookbed is five


Bookbed collaborates with other brands, the biggest one with Dream A Little More by Aia Arkoncel.

bookbed is five 1

bookbed is five 2

bookbed is five 3

Bonus: SIC Allana Luta receives her bookbed tote in 2012!

bookbed is five 4


Bookbed ventures into more giveaways, promos and consignment (which we still offer! Go here!).

bookbed is five 5

bookbed is five 6

Fluffs as discount coupons! Way before calligraphy was mainstream, haha | Photos from Allana Luta and Anna Esguerra


Bookbed transitions into a community of people who love books and stories.

And here we are, a year later.

Thank you to those who continue believing in what we do! ☁

Visit our old home here. Read about our birthdays here.
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