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Last Book Syndrome: Love Like Crazy

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Hello, Cheer Readers! Welcome to the Last Book Syndrome for this week! Click here for previous posts.

There are a lot of beautiful things dependent on crazy – art, business, love and of course, this Last Book Syndrome series. And this is the last for July! Can you believe it? I made it through the whole month!

These past two weeks have been quite a struggle as days seemed long and dragging. But despite this, I was delighted to encounter and read a book that compresses those experiences in a word: crazy. Reading this book by Megan Squires led me to think that maybe crazy is worth it. As Lincoln puts it,

“But I think being just a little crazy makes me capable of loving you like crazy, so I’ll take it.”

And I believe that it isn’t only applicable to love, but also to everything that we do.

Being crazy about something is just an indication of our effort that is beyond others’ opinion of normal. It isn’t in any way wrong. Yes, we may be judged, but the craziest are the happiest. As they say in our school, “Hangga’t hindi ubos, kapos.” And the only way to exhaust all of it is to go beyond what is “normal.”

The quote below is one of my favorites from the book; I had 16 highlighted quotes. It was so hard to choose! But I chose this one because it is for the struggling, the inspired and the looking-for-inspiration.

bookbed last book syndrome love like crazy

Do you have Last Book Syndrome as well? Share it in the comments below. See you next Friday! ☁


When her mind isn’t filled with the torture of numbers and theories, Clarissa Chua is often engrossed with a book, slaying dragons and discovering new lands. She gladly shares her adventures on her blog as her so-called art and on Twitter as 140 characters or less.

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