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Last Book Syndrome: Divergent

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Hello, Cheer Readers! Welcome to the Last Book Syndrome for this week! Click here for previous posts.

Divergent is definitely not the last book I’ve read. In all honesty, if I get the book nearest to me and turn it to page 70, it’ll say that my life’s assets is tantamount to my liabilities and equity. *GASP*

And you wouldn’t want a quote on that, trust me.

This quote is in celebration of the birthday of one of my favorite contemporary dystopian authors, Veronica Roth! (Yes, I love classic dystopian novels like 1984 by George Orwell and The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry. But I didn’t even realize that they were under the dystopian genre until Hunger Games became famous.)

Let us all share with her cake and balloons with hopes that she, in turn, will share with us another of her writings.

bookbed last book syndrome veronica roth divergent series

Do you have Last Book Syndrome as well? Share it in the comments below. See you next Friday! ☁


When her mind isn’t filled with the torture of numbers and theories, Clarissa Chua is often engrossed with a book, slaying dragons and discovering new lands. She gladly shares her adventures on her blog as her so-called art and on Twitter as 140 characters or less.

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