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Bookbed is a finalist at #Bloggys2015!

EXCITING NEWS, EVERYONE! We made it as a Finalist to the 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards!

bookbed bloggys2015 finalist

Incredible and all sorts of awesome, right? We couldn’t believe it at first! We even spent days verifying this information, a.k.a. rereading friends’ messages and double/triple checking the #bloggys2015 website (by the third day, which is today, we were like, “Oh yeesss, ‘’ still there, it’s legit”), thus the delay of this thank-you post. And here it is!

From the deepest bottom of our bookwormy hearts, thank you very much for your support. It means a great deal to us that you recognize what we do, which we LOVE to do. We enjoy sharing and talking about reading, we enjoy connecting reading and storytelling to other interests, we enjoy helping cultivate a healthier reading culture (#readingnation) here in the Philippines!

Not to be overemotional about it but it is so exciting for us to be sharing this moment with you. We are a young community (Read: “bookbed is five“), fueled only mostly by volunteerism and enthusiasm, and we admit that at times it can be difficult to get support for an advocacy that is not that popular. But over time, we have found and met people like YOU who are as passionate, or even more, about reading than our small team of Storytellers and Cheer Readers. And for that…

bookbed bloggysph thank you

Thank you for being here, for sharing about us and for believing in us. We promise to keep on going, to keep on dreaming, to keep on reading. We have lots in store for you in the coming weeks so keep your lights on!

In the meantime, see you at the Gala Night on the 21st of November! ☁

bookbed bloggys2015 gala night

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