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‘A Reader Every Day’ For A #ReadingNation

We here at Bookbed are always on the lookout for opportunities to be meaningful and relevant, particularly in terms of spreading the love for reading. This is why this holiday season, we decided to launch our very first book drive campaign.

bookbed a reader every day ad 2

In partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Duwaling, Task Force Davao, Switotwins, Inc., Manga Toshokan and Alleycat Tea House, we are going to Davao City (!) to give books and other reading materials to a community in need. Below are the drop-off points where you can send or leave your donations to.

bookbed a reader every day task force davao


Location: Santa Ana Ave, Poblacion District
Hours for drop-off: 8AM-5PM (Weekdays)
Visit Task Force Davao here.

bookbed a reader every day switotwins


Location: 27C Galaxy, GSIS Heights, Matina
Hours for drop-off: 8AM-5PM (Weekdays)
Visit Switotwins, Inc. here.

bookbed a reader every day manga toshokan


Location: Doors 4 & 5 of Belfran Building, right across Royal Mandaya Hotel- Annex, J. Palma Gil Street (coming from either Claveria Street or Ponciano Street)
Hours for drop-off:
12pm~10pm (Weekdays)
8am~10pm (Saturdays)
Visit Manga Toshokan Cafe here.

bookbed a reader every day alleycat tea house


Location: Door 7, The Site, Davao Central Convenience Store, Inc., E. Jacinto Ext. Street cor. V. Mapa Street
Hours for drop-off:
2PM~2AM (Mondays)
1PM~2AM (Tuesdays thru Saturdays)
1PM~12AM (Sundays)
Visit Alleycat Tea House here.

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