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Bookbed reviews: ‘The X Factor: Confessions of a Naïve Fashion Model’ by Ivan Sivec



The X Factor: Confessions of a Naïve Fashion Model by Ivan Sivec revolves around the life of Maja Poglajen and her journey towards stardom and back. It showcases the perks as well as the unfavorable results of losing yourself in an industry where your body is your ultimate asset. The story highlighted Maja’s struggles and little triumphs as a teenage model, giving light to the essential yet hidden aspects of the people who make that industry flourish.


I found the narration very pleasing and light, bringing sarcasm to the story, making it seem as if the events were happening to a normal person. The simple definition of terms in between the story cuts deep into the intense scenes while drawing the reader in because it is structured as if the narrator is just my friend who’s telling me a story he overheard.

bookbed ivan sivec the x factor confessions of a naive fashion model

An element of an art work that revives memories of past events.

The themes tackled were controversial and contemporary. It forces the readers to look around and see the reality with discerning eyes because even if we think we are intelligent, it is not enough; it is a whole new ball game out there.

“Everything would be fine if the world still wasn’t so blurry from previous days.”

For me, the ending ultimately held the whole book together. It redefined Maja’s X Factor – and the very definition of the X Factor itself – which was what people held onto in the industry. It also solidified Maja’s character as a survivor in the cruel world of teenage modelling.

“And the end is always the beginning of something new.”


I was cringing in the middle of the book. Probably because I can’t imagine being in Maja’s shoes and being surrounded by such toxic people in my life. It shows the reality of what consequences our dreams can have. And in the “real” world, one must have a thorough preparation before heading to it. I guess this isn’t even really a negative comment because it only shows how effective Sivec’s writing was.


The X Factor is not one for those whose hearts are weak because Ivan Sivec bares it all. The cruelty, the lack of friends, drugs, betrayal—all these envelope the book and it will surely leave you stunned. ☁

Bookbed received a digital copy of this book from the requesting author in exchange for an honest review. Read our Review Policy here.
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