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Tosses and Turns: For Tis The Season of Listicles

Tosses and Turns

What’s up, Cheer Readers?

Welcome again to Tosses and Turns, where I rant-chant about whatever reading-related issue that’s been keeping me up at night. For first-timers out there, cartwheel to my previous rants here!

As much as I want to maintain consistency in this column by ranting about my reading issues~ (such as my failed reading challenge for this year – again, ugh), I have decided to, for once, put some real cheer in here by joining the bandwagon of writing down happy year-end listicles!

If you’ve been here long enough, you know that this has been such an amazing year for us. But in the spirit of going full steam of merriness ahead (and for the newbies), let’s take ourselves back to the year that has been!


We launched Monthly and Pillow Talk.

bookbed monthly january


We wrote about jonaxx (here and here) and our site counter kind of exploded, which in turn, kind of also blew our minds.


We climbed up Baguio to visit a bookstore after our own heart.

bookbed mt cloud bookshop


We had a slow month but the wonderful Dawn Lanuza saved us by granting us an interview.


We launched BookMarked, went aboard the MV Logos and read up on some of the best summer reads.

bookbed bookmarked header


We had our first ever fab FacebookIt collab!

bookbed facebookit they call her dana


We posted E V E R Y D A Y that month for our fifth-year celebration. MAD PROPS to our Storyteller in Chief, Allana, who edited (and still does!) everything so patiently and brilliantly.


We started covering local book fairs and finally met some of the authors we love, like Matthew Quick and Mina V. Esguerra!


We launched #bookbedblinddates! (And attended some more book fairs and met some more awesome authors.)

#bookbedblinddates book exchange


We featured books that were especially for guys who read.


We were named Finalist to the #bloggys2015 under the Fiction and Literature Category, and were also given the opportunity to talk at the 2015 Filipino Reader Con.


We gave (still are giving) back by launching the ‘A Reader Every Day’ book drive, where we collect books to donate to communities in need.

bookbed a reader every day ad 2

It really has been an incredible year. How about you, what were your favorites? Anyway, thank you for having been part of it. Now, off we go cartwheel to the exciting new year! ☁


KB Meniado is bookbed’s Head Cheer Reader. In the words of writer Orhan Pamuk, she read a book one day and her whole life was changed. Follow her @heykebe on InstagramTumblr and Twitter.

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