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Last Book Syndrome: The Lies About Truth

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Happy New Year, Cheer Readers! Welcome to the first Last Book Syndrome of 2016! Click here for previous posts.

We seem to have an innate attachment to continuity, so much that it makes leaving hard and forgetting tough. It is evident in the ideologies of our society — nation, the invisible ties we deem to have with those from the same place, even religion, promising continuity after death. We try so hard to protect the past and keep it with us that we celebrate this and mourn our separation.

This mindset is evident in Courtney C. Stevens’ The Lies About Truth, where Sadie, Gray and Gina are keeping lies to “protect” the past involving Trent’s death. Though their ties may be seen to be severed and discontinued, there is this undeniable elephant that blocks the way from their total separation. Their lack of disclosure ties an invisible thread around them, keeping them attached even if it’s just by guilt and sorrow.

Moving on and forgetting the past may seem like neglecting the ties we have with the previous events in our life, but maybe it’s not about the ties of the past; maybe it’s about the ties we create in the future, rejoicing in whatever triumph we have in comparison to the bleak previous. We stand in these small victories, hoping for a better future and that’s why we celebrate the new year, the birth of a child. These experiences bring us to the depth, making us realize that we indeed have a lot to look forward to. ☁

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