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Bookbed goes to: The Bookyard Cafe


Walk several steps towards the Garden Heights Condominium parking area along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City and be prepared to have your The Secret Garden moment.

Save for small signages seen through the glass window, you’ll never guess that a book-themed cafe exists across Trinity University of Asia.

bookbed the bookyard cafe

Enter the 12 square-meter hideout and you are transported to your friendly neighborhood backyard—grasslike floor carpets, wooden crate-inspired tables, flowery window sills, a tree lined with books on its trunk and picket fences enclosing the entire space. It will make you go: “Ah, kaya pala The Bookyard Cafe.”

You will be greeted by college friends and business partners Ken Orallo and Danj Valderueda, and you wouldn’t guess that they’re both just 22, or that they’re both licensed teachers.

bookbed the bookyard cafe 2

The boys of the ‘yard: Kenneth Orallo and Daniel Josef Valderueda

If Ken isn’t too busy taking orders or cooking, ask him about their story and he will tell you how Danj’s love for books inspired him to enter the cafe scene with books as the main theme. He will narrate how exchanging random ideas on Facebook led them to concretize their dream cafe—all while studying for their Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Danj will tell you how they personally lined up for hours to get the necessary permits to put up shop, or how his dad did most of the carpentry work and plumbing, or how they got family and friends to support them in their own little ways even before they found their nook.

bookbed the bookyard cafe 1

The no-WiFi zone will push you to grab a novel or a board game, have your “me” time or talk to friends as you plop on one of the cozy colorful bean bags as if you’re just over at a friend’s house.

Browse their book selection and you will see well-known titles, mostly in the young adult genre, hand-picked by Danj and some donated by family and friends.

One look at the menu and the book lover in you will get kilig. Nichocolas Sparks? Lang Leavmonade, anyone? Talk about drinking your feelings away.

bookbed the bookyard cafe 6

Portion of The Bookyard Cafe’s punny menu

Ken and Danj will see to it that the food they serve is always fresh and they will personally prepare the food for you, sometimes with the help of Ken’s sister.

bookbed the bookyard cafe 7

The Bookyard Cafe’s The Zwei: Double all-beef patty, vegetables and cheddar served with salted Belgian fries (P220)

bookbed the bookyard cafe 8

The Bookyard Cafe’s Mozarella Pepperoni Fries (P120)bookbed the bookyard cafe 9

The Bookyard Cafe’s S’mores Than Enough: Toasted marshmallows on chocolate and graham crackers topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Comes with pretzel sticks (P150)bookbed the bookyard cafe 10

The Milkshakespeares will bring everyone to this yard! | Caramelanus and Tempestrawberry (P130/quatro, P145/folio)

bookbed the bookyard cafe 11

New at The Bookyard Cafe: Rainblue Rowell, or a fancy term for blue lemonade | In the background: Citrus Noringai or Philippine lime and moringa blended with cucumber (both P80)

You wouldn’t think much of this unassuming three-month old cafe at first but like a juicy secret, you’d give a knowing smile every time you remember it. You’d be sure to return for when they expand and host your next open mic performance. ☁

bookbed the bookyard cafe 12

Bookbed X Bookyard

The Bookyard Cafe

G/F G3, The Garden Heights Condominium, 269 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Brgy. Damayang Lagi, 1112 Quezon City, Philippines
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM; Fri-Sat 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
+63 943 247 4137
Special thanks to The Bookyard Cafe. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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  • Rea
    Posted at 17:51h, 21 June Reply

    Nice place!! 🙂 And the names of the food are so cool. 🙂

    • bookbed
      Posted at 20:44h, 21 June Reply

      Hi Rea! Thank you for reading. We agree, The Bookyard Cafe has one of the most creative menus!

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