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From the Bookbed Room: Reviewing 52 Children’s Books by Asian Authors


I was determined to read to my daughter as early as possible, starting from before she was born. I first began reading to her while she was still in my tummy at five months. Her first book was a collection of Korean folktales. After she was born, I read her baby book after baby book to help grow her love for reading.

It wasn’t until our visit to the Philippines almost a year later when I started buying more Filipino books for my daughter. There aren’t many baby books for toddlers back home, and so I ended up buying books more fit for preschoolers or for those in kindergarten. Many of these were written in two languages, and fascinatingly, my daughter would sometimes ask me to read to her in Tagalog. That’s when the idea of buying more books from my countries came to me.

Today, we have children’s books (in English) from Malaysia, the Philippines, China and even Korea.

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