Bookbed started as an online secondhand bookstore in 2010 and grew into a magazine blog in 2014. The next year, we were named Finalist under Fiction and Literature at the 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards. In 2016, we were featured on “The Story of the Filipino” that aired on CNN Philippines, and was invited to be part of the ThINQ network on Inquirer.net. This 2017, we bring the Blog and the Store together to create a stronger Community. We hope you join us!


Welcome to Bookbed!

Based in Manila, Philippines, this community runs on stories, dreams and passion. Our goal is to help develop the #ReadingNation. So if you believe in at least two of those, then we would love to have you around!

Here, you can find books and art to love, film and TV adaptations to watch out for and places and events to get excited about.

And guess what? You can also write, create and learn in this community. We accept one-time and regular submissions from contributors and provide workshop sessions for those who want to improve and collaborate with other dreamers.

Then if you’re willing, you can even put in your work for sale on our Store! Yes, really. It’s not crazy to believe we can make a living out of our dreams, right?

But if you’re not into those things, we have other options for you. You can be a volunteer at our (and our partners’!) events, you can organize one of our book blind date exchanges, you can even lead the next #AReaderEveryDay book drive!

Whoa, wait… I’m just here to read…

Don’t let us stop you! Reading is the whole point of Bookbed. To read is to dream, and to dream is to live. Now, scroll down and read some more! ☁

What we do

Here are ways to be part of the community


Read our latest book reviews, author spotlights and other exciting book-related features! Want to write for us? You can do that, too! Click below to find out how.


We’ve got books, merch, art, paper goods and all the other goods! Support the community by buying our products. Part of the earnings go to the Bookbed fund.


If writing or creating has become a chore, let us help make it fun again! Practice writing reviews and features with us, or join our collaborative story sessions.


Contrary to popular belief, the Filipino reader exists. The challenge lies in bringing every one together. This is what we hope to do in our campaigns!


Reading in bed all day does sound great, but it is just as fun to go out and chase dreams in the real world! Who knows, your life might change in just one moment.


Got inquiries, ideas or suggestions?

Say anything here! We enjoy hearing from you.