Review Policy

Hello! Thank you for your interest to share your work with us.

Below are some things to consider before sending us a request:

  • We give special attention to Philippine and Asian literature.
  • ^ That does not mean we do not welcome other kinds. In fact, we would be happy to read works from all over the world.
  • If you are an author based in the Philippines, we prefer print copies but digital copies are welcome.
  • If you are an author based outside the Philippines, please feel free to send us print copies as well. Digital copies (.epub, .mobi) are also welcome. If already available, please attach them (or the instructions on how to obtain them) in your email.
  • We may not be able to reply to all requests.
  • All requests are consolidated in a database for the viewing and selection of our readers. However, this does not guarantee that your request will be picked up.
  • If your request is picked up, we will send you an email once the review is published.
  • We do not use ratings for reviews. Instead, we break them down into sections: 1) The story (Book blurb), 2) What I liked (Pros), 3) However… (Room for improvement) and 4) tl;dr (In a nutshell/Overall impact).
  • We make sure to give honest reviews.
  • We include our Review Policy clause in our reviews. Example: Bookbed received a physical copy of this book from the requesting author in exchange for an honest review.
  • Our reviews are cross-posted on our social media accounts. We highly encourage requesting parties to share them as well.

If you understand and accept all the terms above, email us at with the following:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Blurb
  • Press release (if available)
  • Links to online stores (if available)
  • If sending physical copy, ask for our mailing address.
  • If sending digital copy, attach .epub and .mobi files.
  • Please also indicate if willing to do a giveaway.