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Bookbed recommends: ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ by Leila Sales

by Elaine Zapanta

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover, especially with the likes of This Song Will Save Your Life. It feels so contemporary art~ and my obsessive-compulsive self is pleased with the even spacing between letters. Seriously, guys, who here isn’t affected by well-executed typography? It does things to my brain!

Anyway, I had no idea which song in particular the author was talking about here and seeing that cover made the book so much more mysterious to me that I had to give it a listen.

Speaking of, this book also appealed to me because apart from it having an incredibly attractive cover, it’s music-related, too. You kinda already get that vibe because of the title and the girl on the cover with her cool headphones on.

All that’s been mentioned above are neat, and I’m pretty sure some of you are already sold on reading this, but that’s not everything. Let me give you one more reason to read this book: it will surprise you. I didn’t expect this book to be *trigger-warning-needed* heavy, to be honest. I guess I didn’t expect it to be anything but a light read, which made reading it more interesting.

I’m glad I picked up This Song Will Save Your Life because of its cover. I terribly enjoyed reading it and a PSA to all of you: there are a lot of feels~ in this book. Get ready for that jelly. There is also an official Spotify playlist—”These Songs Will Save Your Life“—of all the songs mentioned in the book, in case you were interested. ☁


One response to “Bookbed recommends: ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ by Leila Sales”

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