Bookbed goes to: Café Talk

by KB Meniado

Back when Bookbed was but a wee baby, I had other ideas in mind to satiate my love for books. One of those was Book Buffet. It was a dream project my college friends and I talked about one afternoon as we chomped on our burgers at a popular fast food chain.

Book Buffets would work like this: a reading session set in a cozy place where people would 1) bring books and snacks for the Buffet Table, 2) choose and read a book that interests them and then 3) meet and eat with fellow readers after.  If not feeling too social, they would be free to stop at #2—no questions, no judgment—or, worst case scenario, leave. It’s a pretty solid idea, right?

Book Buffet is something I’d love for Bookbed to host in the future. But as I wait for it to graduate from its toddler stage, I continue to seek inspiration. The most recent one came to me when I flew to Cebu two weeks ago and found Café Talk:

Café Talk, located along Escario Capitol, is the place to be—booklover or not. It’s a library-inspired café and also embellished with decorations according to season. Behind the giant bookshelf is the counter where I should have ordered a drink from.

The café is laid out like a hostel or a Korean restaurant—there are small rooms where customers can enjoy dining, studying or simply laying around.

It also has a second floor.




One response to “Bookbed goes to: Café Talk”

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