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Wattpad’s ‘Queen J’ on Writing, Fans and Future Plans: An Interview with Jonaxx

by Pauline P

We saw how much you loved my review of the Until trilogy by Jonaxx, we thought we’d give you a treat. Here’s a quick peek into Jonaxx’s world as a writer. Enjoy!


Jonah Pacala’s stress reliever is writing. Read her work on Jonaxx on Wattpad and follow her on Facebook at Jonaxx WP.


Hi , Jonah! We are so excited to have you here. Thank you for agreeing to this interview and congratulations on your writing career, so far. I especially enjoyed your Until TrilogyComing from that, could you talk about what inspires you to write? Are there any books your stories are inspired from?

Depends, actually. I wrote Baka Sakali 1 right after I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey. Although, walang pagkakapareho ang dalawa pero parang Fifty Shades pushed me to write a new genre, [which is] non-teen fic.

Do you have any favorite reads outside the genre you always write about?

I like metaphysical and dystopian fiction.

Is there any romance novel you wish ended differently? How would you rewrite the ending?

I wish to rewrite Romeo and Juliet. Haha. Kidding. But there was one time [when] I [think I] saw its newest movie adaptation and that came to me. Na someday, I’m going to rewrite that love story.

You’re dubbed as “Queen J” and “The Royal Writer.” How does that make you feel as a writer? Have you ever thought you’d garner this huge fan base?

Nope. I did not write for fame. I’m writing because it’s my stress reliever sa mga hectic days ko. It’s my sort of entertainment. So whatever I write, it’s not to please the readers, it is to please myself.

How does being active and engaging with fans online affect your writing process in any way?

I am not anymore really active in terms of interacting with my readers. Kasi kinakain ng pagsusulat ang oras ko kaya imbes na makipag-interact ay nagsusulat ako.

What are your top three stories you wish to be published?

Until Trilogy, Worthless and Why Do You Hate Me.


Would you like your works to be adapted on the silver screen or TV? If yes, which of your works and why?

If there’s a great opportunity, then why not? I’d like Mapapansin Kaya to be adapted on the screen. Masyado kasing magarbo at gusto kong paghahandaan talaga ng husto.


Are you still going to continue writing when you decided to establish a family in the future?

Yes, [as I said] it is my stress reliever. The demons in my head won’t let me sleep at night if I don’t write them down. ☁


13 responses to “Wattpad’s ‘Queen J’ on Writing, Fans and Future Plans: An Interview with Jonaxx”

  1. marianne pauline rios ramos Avatar
    marianne pauline rios ramos

    hi po ?
    ate super idol ko po kayo hehehe…
    i wish na sana mayroon din yung name ko sa mga susunod mo pong gagawin hahaha
    ambisyosa ko talaga .. ayie super kahiya pero okay lang hahaha love you ate …


    1. Hi Marianne! Salamat sa pagbasa 🙂 Subukan naming parating kay Jonaxx ‘tong mensahe mo ha? 😉


  2. Hello jonaxx,merry Christmas sayo at sayong family,
    Isa ang anak ko sa napakarami mong tagahanga,at katunayan gusto nyang makabili ng books mo
    maraming salamat po,,


  3. […] wrote about jonaxx (here and here) and our site counter kind of exploded, which in turn, kind of also blew our […]


  4. And I hope I can be part of the production team for “Mapapansin Kaya” if that moment comes. Kudos to Ate J and more power to you!


    1. Hi, Charlie! Thank you for reading. Let us know if you make it to the production team. Good luck!


  5. Hello Pauline and Queen Jonaxx 🙂
    I am one of those million readers who wanted to publish the WORTHLESS. Sobrang gusto ko si Noah Elizalde. Sana kahit Self publish .. Thankyou!


    1. Hello, Abril! Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa. Subukan naming iabot itong mensahe mo para kay Jonaxx.


  6. Jelly Mhar Bernadez Avatar
    Jelly Mhar Bernadez

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of yours po, Queen. Of all your stories, Heartless did captured my heart effortlessly. Among the Jonaxxboys, Rozen Gaiser Elizalde is my first love. Hihihihi. At super excited na po ako para sa story ni Azi. May God bless you, Queen J! Sml.


    1. Thank you for reading, Jelly. We hope you meet Jonaxx soon!


      1. Jelly Mhar Bernadez Avatar
        Jelly Mhar Bernadez

        Thank you! 🙂


  7. Jelly Mhar Bernadez Avatar
    Jelly Mhar Bernadez

    And I’m hoping din po na makita kayo in person. Hindi po ba taga-CDO kayo? Proud to be taga-Bukidnon po ako! Hope to see you soon!


  8. Jelly Mhar Bernadez Avatar
    Jelly Mhar Bernadez

    And I’m hoping din po na makita kayo in person. Hindi po ba taga-CDO kayo? Proud to be taga-Bukidnon po ako! Sobrang lapit lang po. Charot! Hope to see you soon, Queen!


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