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Bookbed reviews: ‘MONO’ by Erin Noir

by KB Meniado

For someone who hasn’t met her face-to-face yet, I assume to know a LOT about Erin. I’ve known her since ’03 or ‘04, when we were still on Tabulas (remember that site??), and over the years, I’ve watched her grow—from Mindy to Barbara to Basterda to Erin Noir—and witnessed her artistic endeavors. Her courage in *doing her thing* is inspiring.

This is why when she released her latest project, MONO, I made sure to get a copy. It has been a good, decade-long (online) friendship, after all, and local artists, like Erin, need as much support as they can get.


Erin loves monochromatic and minimalist aesthetics, so I wasn’t surprised to see that MONO, the first release of her mini-magazine of analog photos, showcases black-and-white photos.


It’s like going through a journal—there are snapshots of strolling cats, reveling in gigs, commuting in public transport, staring at fauna, making friends (even love) and immortalizing mundane things.


If you’re into analog photography and supporting artistic endeavors, try this zine. ☁

Visit Erin Noir here.

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