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Fiction Nation: Hopelessly Devoted to Books

by Allana Luta

So I have decided to share with you some book-related hopes of mine… Get ready to be sick of the word hope by the end of this article!

1. Hopefully, the Paper Towns movie will turn out great.

The people who wrote the screenplay for The Fault in Our Stars are the same writers for Paper Towns so my expectations are high even though PT isn’t my favorite John Green novel. I don’t really remember what it’s about but I am interested to see how Cara Delevingne (and her eyebrows) interprets Margo Roth Spiegelman. I’m also excited to see Q’s friends, Ben and Radar, be brought to life.

But you know, if there ever was a (half) John Green novel I would love to see on the big screen, it would have to be Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Tiny Cooper!!!

2. Speaking of Tiny Cooper, I hope to get my hands on Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story!

I haven’t been to a bookstore lately so I don’t know if they’ve started selling this here, but I’m sure to buy a copy as soon as I see one. Has anybody read it yet? Is it as good as everything else David Levithan has published? You know what, I’m pretty sure it is.

On a rather unrelated side note, is anybody else super eager to read Harper Lee’s second novel?

3. I hope to read more graphic novels.

My parents never bought or even exposed me to graphic novels when I was a kid because 1) they’re expensive and 2) they’re morbid. And I’ve always been satisfied with just the movie adaptations because, c’mon, moving images are better than static ones. Turns out, not all of them are Sin City-level of morbid and they’re just as good on paper, if not better.

I’m currently reading Watchmen and it’s been a better experience than watching the film version, which I just didn’t understand at all. If you have any graphic novel recommendations, comment below! I’d gladly allot a portion of my salary to comic books if they’re worth it.

4. I hope to listen to more radio adaptations of novels.

Back in January, the BBC Radio 4 dramatization of Good Omens (RIP, Terry Pratchett) was free to stream to anyone in the world for a month. Now, I’ve listened to audiobooks before but never found them appealing, so I was curious how a radio adaptation would differ. It was surprisingly enjoyable and now I’m looking forward to more such adaptations, even if they’re all Neil Gaiman books (BBC Radio 4 also dramatized Neverwhere in 2013). No one’s complaining!

5. Here’s to reading more non-fiction books.

Overlooking all the academic readings required in school, I noticed an alarming gap of nonfiction books in my personal library. Maybe this is the effect of growing up but sometimes it feels like life would be fuller if only I went beyond the fiction world. Of course I read the news and such, but there’s something different about holding an actual book about things that happen in real life.

So aside from Watchmen, I’m also taking time to read my thesis professor’s book about women’s magazines, A Critical Essay on Constructing the Filipina: A History of Women’s Magazines (1891-2002). Yes, yes, I can already hear you from your side of the screen shouting, “You’re such a nerd!”

6. And finally, I hope to move on with my reading list.

This doesn’t even include ebooks!

Is your to-read pile getting higher and higher because you keep buying books despite already having more than enough? Though, let’s be honest, one can never have “more than enough” books in their life. 




Anything to share? :)

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