10 Things To Love About Tweedle Book Café

by KB Meniado

I’ve been on the lookout for book cafés since I went to Café Talk last year so when an office mate (a shout-out to Ms. Reggie!) told me about Tweedle Book Café, I got excited. Got even more so when I found out it was only around Quezon City, and so I finally got around to visiting the café last week and found 10 things I adored about it!

1. Location

This might be biased because it’s in my favor but I like that Tweedle is tucked inside a residential area like a secret garden. If not for the sign, it would look like an ordinary two-storey house.

2. Interior

Wood everywhere, making it cozy like a real home!

3. Ceiling


4. Clocks

Bonus: If you watch the video below, you will see there’s a Platform 9 ¾ on the wall across these clocks.

5. Counter

Those drawers! The open one on the upper right contains borrowers’ cards.

6. Menu

While the menu consisted of both meals and snacks, we opted for some dessert. Carrot cake (P120/piece) is always good. Check out their menu here.

7. Poetry

On the way to the toilet are poetry magnet boards. Details, feelings, etc.


8. Freedom Wall

9. Decree

Remember the borrowers’ cards?


10. Books

But of course!



For those who grew up with these books, they have The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley series!


Anything to share? :)

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