Last Book Syndrome: ‘Love Like Crazy’ by Megan Squires

by Clarissa Chua There are a lot of beautiful things dependent on crazy—art, business, love and of course, this Last Book Syndrome series. And this is the last for July! Can you believe it? I made it through the whole month! These past two weeks have been quite a struggle as days seemed long and dragging.Continue reading “Last Book Syndrome: ‘Love Like Crazy’ by Megan Squires”

Happy Birthday, Harry! Love, From A Certified Potter Nerd

by Cake Evangelista If this were some kind of “Bookaholics Anonymous,” where we would take turns in standing up, introducing ourselves and admitting our book addiction, I’m pretty sure my intro would be something like this: “Hello, my name is Cake. And I’m a Harry Potter addict.” It feels like it was only yesterday when myContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Harry! Love, From A Certified Potter Nerd”

Bookmarked: Picking Up Flower Bookmarks

by Lindy Gamolo and Louise Dumas With a friendship that started way back in our university days, I’ve known Louise to be a voracious reader with really good taste in authors and books. Admittedly, I kind of stole ideas from her on which authors or titles to read. (Oops!) Louise requested to write about bookmarks inContinue reading “Bookmarked: Picking Up Flower Bookmarks”

Crossed Wires: The Fantasy Epic

by Erika M. Carreon I’ve talked before and written about in a Plural blog about the contributions and frustrations Tolkien and his Middle Earth have given me in relation to how I’ve come to define fantasy, but for the moment I’d like to talk a bit about fairy tales, particularly the misconception that they were storiesContinue reading “Crossed Wires: The Fantasy Epic”

4 Great Things About Being A Filipino Romance Author (Right Now)

by Mina V. Esguerra When I started writing fiction, I had the impression it was going to be a hobby, something I would do when I had an extra few minutes a day, and maybe I’d finish writing one book and be done with the entire business of it. Many writers feel this way, butContinue reading “4 Great Things About Being A Filipino Romance Author (Right Now)”

Ink Blots: ‘Today Means Amen’ by Sierra DeMulder

by Kariza Montealegre Previously, I shared with you Buddy Wakefield’s “apology letter” (“This is an apology letter to the both of us for how long it took me to let things go”), and today, I have another letter! But this time, it’s for you. We all have our struggles, but there are some who get trappedContinue reading “Ink Blots: ‘Today Means Amen’ by Sierra DeMulder”

Comics Submission: ‘STET’ #2

by Sahara Suerte stet verb : to direct retention of (a word or passage previously ordered to be deleted or omitted from a manuscript or printer’s proof) by annotating usually with the word stet (Merriam-Webster) To be continued…  

Last Book Syndrome: Pokemon

by Clarissa Chua I used to think that stories are only stories if they contain an important lesson to impart to the reader. If I still stood firm on this belief, I probably wouldn’t have discovered the wondrous books I’ve encountered the past few years. Nevertheless, this belief of mine has led me to lookContinue reading “Last Book Syndrome: Pokemon”

#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro Since the launch a year ago, Bookbed has featured five Filipino authors and their experiences in publishing their works in the country. We found that all of them had tried self-publishing at one point or another. And one of the ways a fledgling writer can introduce their story to theContinue reading “#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers”

Fiction Nation: Young At Heart

by Allana Luta Bookbed turned five this month, which is the age most kids start to take an interest in reading, if they’re not already. (Speaking of, we celebrated the National Children’s Book Day at the Philippine Children’s Book Summit yesterday!) And with the recent release of the movie Home, based on The True Meaning ofContinue reading “Fiction Nation: Young At Heart”