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Last Book Syndrome: ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green

by Clarissa Chua

Hello, Cheer Readers and welcome to the first ever Last Book Syndrome! I’m so excited to launch this here since this is the perfect avenue for it and it’s been my blog baby idea for years now.

*ehem* So what is Last Book Syndrome?

It’s kind of like Last Song Syndrome, wherein the last song you hear gets stuck in your head, except with quotes from books. I mean, you know that lingering feeling after reading a fantastic book? That overwhelming mix of emotions as your brain, for the nth time, repeats your favourite scenes over and over? Well, if you’re like me and constantly have one, you need a quick fix. And this is my quick fix.

I write, rather fancily if you ask my brother, but I do write. For the freedom it brings, for the release of emotions and seeing them come to life. (Sounds like poetry writing, doesn’t it?)

And sometimes, I simply let it take me to places just like how reading takes me to great heights.

And so I present to you, the Last Book Syndrome of arguably the best John Green book I have ever read, Paper Towns.

Do you have Last Book Syndrome as well? Share it in the comments below!




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