Bookbed turns 5!

We turn five today! In celebration, let’s walk down memory lane.

  • 2010 – Bookbed ‘launches’ on (now OXL).
  • 2011 – Bookbed moves to Facebook and Tumblr, gaining friends and starting collaborations.

  • 2013 – Bookbed ventures into more giveaways, promos and consignment.
  • 2014~present – Here we are!

Thank you to those who continue believing in what we do. To more years ahead! ☁

9 responses to “Bookbed turns 5!”

  1. […] month, we are celebrating bookbed’s fifth birthday (<- click for a giveaway!) so we thought of doing something special for FaceBookIt. We […]


  2. […] you know that bookbed started on (Well, it was still then, but there, now you know.) That was early 2009, when the main […]


  3. […] the rainy season is here and it’s bookbed’s birth month, we’re giving away a set of BOOKSCARVES! And these are not your ordinary bookscarves. These are […]


  4. […] bookbed turned five this month, which is the age most kids start to take an interest in reading, if they’re not already. (Speaking of, we celebrated the National Children’s Book Day at the Philippine Children’s Book Summit yesterday!) And with the recent release of “Home,” based on The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, I wondered what future children’s books adaptations were in store for us. Here are some I’m excited to see the most. […]


  5. […] month, bookbed is celebrating it’s fifth anniversary and I’d like to join the fun and share why, as a Filipino […]


  6. […] it is so exciting for us to be sharing this moment with you. We are a young community (Read: “bookbed is five“), fueled only mostly by volunteerism and enthusiasm, and we admit that at times it can be […]


  7. […] When I started bookbed in 2010 on, it was no way the first to sell books online. When I turned it into a community in 2014, it wasn’t something completely original either. I stole ideas from blogs, websites, communities and yes, people. […]


  8. […] we’re celebrating Bookbed‘s fifth birthday, and today’s featured poem doesn’t stray far from celebrations. Buddy Wakefield’s […]


  9. […] month, Bookbed is celebrating its fifth anniversary and I’d like to join the fun and share why, as a Filipino romance author, there’s a […]


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