From Osaka to Nagoya: Bookish Things in Japan

by KB Meniado

For bookish people, it’s a must to check out bookstores when travelling. The mere sight of reading materials—not to mention, the company of fellow story lovers, browsing through shelves after shelves after shelves—is exciting. Anything even remotely bookish is already a feast to the eyes. Sometimes, it can even get to a point where the visit to the bookstore becomes the highlight of the trip (nerd alert!). Now, I’m not saying the rest of Japan isn’t as magical but why, the bookstores I dropped by at had me all tingly.

Osaka — Tsutaya Bookstore

Osaka — Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Nara — on the way to Nara Park


Nagoya —

Nagoya bookstores slayed~ me. They carried a myriad of series in the most amazing covers and featured sections that would probably be causes of commotion elsewhere, e.g. a roomful of yaoi.

If you’ve been, which ones of these have you also seen? In your personal trips, were you able to immortalize equally awesome bookish things too? We’d love to see them so share your thoughts in the comments section below! ☁

2 responses to “From Osaka to Nagoya: Bookish Things in Japan”

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  2. […] “From Osaka to Nagoya: Bookish Things in Japan” […]


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