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Ink Blots: ‘Remember How We Forgot’, ‘Here I Am’

by Kariza Montealegre

Today’s poems—yes, I am sharing two poems today—are about the revelation of the future to our childhood selves.

As they say, we can never predict what life may bring. What we may have dreamed as a child may not be what or where we are now—and yes, that could be frustrating. I have welcomed quarter-life with fear, like most people my age probably do (raise your hands if you feel me), but during those moments, these poems have given me hope (and the push I somehow needed).

Shane Koyczan’s “Remember How We Forgot” and Anis Mojgani’s “Here Am I” bring us back to our childhood and remind us despite what happened between then and now—we’re here. And somehow, that’s what matters. If you need a little reminder to keep pushing despite life’s overwhelming surprises, have a listen to these two spoken word artists I’ve come to love.

Remember, we’re here and we’ve got time. 




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