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Bookbed reviews: ‘Echo’ by Lorena Glass

by Mikki Shiu


Echo is the first book of a trilogy that is the epic love story of two cursed lovers that fate, time, and death are constantly conspiring to keep apart; while they are determined to defy all three to be together. Whenever one dies, the other time travels to the lost lover’s next (or last) incarnation. The story spans over a millennium; to several different times, places, and lives of two extraordinary lovers whose devotion to each other defies all barriers and all odds—and an extraordinary love that will never, ever die. Read reviews: Goodreads


The story started slow and boring for me, but as I read along, I eventually enjoyed the book, especially at the part when the characters traveled to different places and in different time. Knowing the old names of the European countries also held my interest—for example, Gaul (present France) and Lapland (present Finland)—because I love history and knowing more about ancient history gives me excitement.

The book is divided in three parts or timeline, with the first one having Karissa and Adregin in Gaul, then Adregina and Iilassa in Lapland and Cyprus and lastly Evian in Cyprus, who is my favorite character in the story. Though he only appeared in less than 10 pages of the story, I enjoyed his character because of he is more composed than Adregin, who always referred to Karissa as “woman,” refusing to call her name. It seemed like he (Adregin) treated her as an object that inferior to him, which I didn’t like.


Even though it started out slow and quite confusing, I found Echo by Lorena Glass enjoyable and I would like to read the next in the series to find out if Evian will continue his search for answers about his identity and in search for his long lost lover. ☁

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