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Bookbed reviews: ‘For Love of Anna’ by James Lawless

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro


When university student Guido van Thool accidentally bumps into the beautiful ballerina Anna Zweig in Loti’s café, it sets them off on a whirlwind of romance of ballet concerts, anti-globalisation marches and love trysts in bluebell woods. Even when Guido is called away for military service, time can’t test their faithfulness, as they keep their passion warm with love letters. Paralleling their lives, however, is that of Judge Jeremiah Delahyde, a profligate positioned in power by his crony, the government minister Bartholomew Smythe. These parallel lives collide on New Year’s Eve when the drunken judge knocks Anna down in his car with fatal consequences. Guido swears revenge. But how does one retaliate against a corrupt and powerful, politically appointed high court judge? Read reviews: Goodreads


I like how Guido and Anna’s love story began—a beautiful accident made in heaven. I love how the somewhat tragic story convinced me to see Guido’s passion and connection for Anna, showing how love can either create or destroy a person’s beliefs, behavior and actuation. The quality time they have in writing love stories made me weep in the end. I even asked myself if there is a Guido out there who can make my upcoming works blossomed even more.

On the other hand, the way corruption in the justice system was shown in the story made it touch reality. Lawless presented a realistic plot, which I intend to have in my future novels, and the evil villain, which is a mirror of our corrupt society.


I didn’t get the first part, of which I sensed to be set in a fictional place. I also didn’t like the idea of a tragic ending, but that’s probably because I don’t really appreciate tragedy. I mean, not the kind of tragedy where there is a fatality.


It is really a good novel, although I would have liked it not to be that tragic because for people like me who are not fond of tragedy, it might not be that inspiring. However, overall, Lawless has moved me into loving and fighting for the lost love with this novel. ☁

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