Last Book Syndrome: ‘Something about Love’ by Elana Johnson

by Clarissa Chua

The increased productivity of people tend to neglect the most essential and simple things in life—nature, reading books and the simple act of relaxing, spending quality time with their loved ones. Yet, ironically, they (we) still crave for the beauty in haste. Reading Elana Johnson reminds me it isn’t impossible to feel both.

Something about Love by Elana Johnson gives us the taste of the typical YA story that we love into the restricted structure of a poem. It is something new—at least, to me—and easy and refreshing to read even when bombarded by a myriad of deadlines and workload.

I’ve been trying to find Elana Johnson books in local bookstores but to no avail, so if you happen to know where I can get them, let me know. ☁