Ink Blots: ‘The Madness Vase’ by Andrea Gibson

by Kariza Montealegre

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and various discussions on suicide prevention have been initiated. With 800,000 lives taken every year because of suicide, it is indeed important to raise awareness on the matter. And today, I would like to share a poem that touches on such subject.

Today’s piece is from the award-winning poet and activist Andrea Gibson. Published in the book of the same title in 2011, The Madness Vase (aka The Nutritionist) is a beautiful response to people who have lost their faith, those who struggle just to get up in the morning and continue living, those who think they’ve reached the end. Watch her moving performance of the poem here:

Just recently, a friend opened up to me about her recent battle against anxiety and depression. She shared how her experience made her understand people who have decided to end their lives, thinking there’s no other way out.

What I have learned from that conversation is this: There is something more powerful than anxiety pills at a time like this. Sometimes, all it takes is someone who’ll stick with you throughout to remind you that life gets better to stay alive.

This poem does just that.

If you know someone who is stuck in a dark place, maybe sharing this piece could help. Be that someone who’ll whisper “Live, live, live” and spark the conversation that might just save a life. 









One response to “Ink Blots: ‘The Madness Vase’ by Andrea Gibson”

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