5 Ways on How Reading Makes A Difference

by Liezel Salera Before I set sail to the real world, books were my first adventure. I was a kid who never ventured to play in the streets and slept with her books as pillows. Now, as a 26-year-old, I never imagined I would be someone who might live a day eating three meals in three differentContinue reading “5 Ways on How Reading Makes A Difference”

Last Book Syndrome: ‘Forget Me Not’ by Allison Whitmore

by Clarissa Chua When historical fiction is fused with the classic Romeo and Juliet star-crossed romance, you get Forget Me Not by Allison Whitmore. The story portrays love and the journey for the truth in engrossing and lovable characters. The book is written in the third person POV, which is uncommon in love stories but canContinue reading “Last Book Syndrome: ‘Forget Me Not’ by Allison Whitmore”

Bookmarked: Marcadores de Instituto Cervantes

by Lindy Gamolo Instituto Cervantes is one of the best producers of free bookmarks in the country and the only one that produces the kind of bookmarks I can only expect receiving from my international exchanges. If you’re also a bookmark collector residing here, you know what I mean. Free bookmarks are rare, much more theContinue reading “Bookmarked: Marcadores de Instituto Cervantes”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Match Point Mishap’ by Madelyn Tuviera

by Allana Luta THE STORY “Shit happens to the best of us,” goes a saying, and Lester Torres, a now-starving student-artist, cannot agree more. The family business has reached a steady decline. His parents are distraught. His education is at the risk of being put on hold because tuition’s too expensive, impractical. Something they are noContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Match Point Mishap’ by Madelyn Tuviera”