Bookmarked: Marcadores de Instituto Cervantes

by Lindy Gamolo

Instituto Cervantes is one of the best producers of free bookmarks in the country and the only one that produces the kind of bookmarks I can only expect receiving from my international exchanges. If you’re also a bookmark collector residing here, you know what I mean. Free bookmarks are rare, much more the “collection-material” ones.

Good thing I used to gatecrash at Instituto Cervantes in many of their events. That was how I discovered that they distribute free bookmarks. And if you know me, I wouldn’t let a chance pass without checking out if a new piece is out for free, again.

So for this month, I’m sharing my marcadores de Instituto Cervantes with you.

These bookmarks are a dream for two main reasons:

First, because they feature some of the great authors of the Spanish literature:

Grandes Autores de la Literature En Español

  • Victoria Ocampo (Buenos Aires, 1890-San Isidro, 1979)
  • Gabriel Aresti (Bilbao, 1933-1975)
  • Salvador Espriu (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1913-Barcelona, 1985)
  • Rosalia de Castro (Santiago de Compostela, 1837-Padron, 1885)
  • Jose Lezama Lima (La Habana, 1910-1976)

And second, because they feature some of the great poems written by famous Spanish poets:

Poems and Publications

  • El son enterso, de Nicolas Guillen
  • Canto general, de Pablo Neruda
  • Soneto, de Lope de Vega
  • La regenta, de Leopoldo Alas Clarin
  • La realidad y el deseo, de Luis Cernuda
  • Desde la torre, de Francisco de Quevedo

Now the marcadores, everyone. Indulge on them!

Anything to share? :)

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