Last Book Syndrome: ‘Forget Me Not’ by Allison Whitmore

by Clarissa Chua

When historical fiction is fused with the classic Romeo and Juliet star-crossed romance, you get Forget Me Not by Allison Whitmore. The story portrays love and the journey for the truth in engrossing and lovable characters.

The book is written in the third person POV, which is uncommon in love stories but can reveal insights to the deepest thoughts of the characters and provide a new paradigm for the readers.

To give you a glimpse of what it’s about, here’s the synopsis:

Theodora “Teddi” Donovan and Calvin Wynne have always hated each other. They didn’t have a choice after Teddi’s bootlegger father killed Calvin’s and left them both orphaned. The scandal has fueled gossip in quiet, quaint Brookhurst, New York, for over a decade. When a friendship develops between them as teenagers, they are ridiculed and shunned by the strict society that dictates life in their town. As they grow older, friendship turns into love, and Teddi and Calvin have to choose between their future and the spectre of their past. Spanning continents and decades, Forget Me Not is a coming-of-age story about truth, self-reliance, and the freeing power of love.

We’re opening Last Book Syndrome to those interested! If you’re in, leave a comment below. See you next Friday! 





One response to “Last Book Syndrome: ‘Forget Me Not’ by Allison Whitmore”

  1. Lindy Avatar

    Clarissa, we should have a workshop on calligraphy this next year. Teach us! Please. 🙂


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