Bookbed reviews: ‘Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan’ ni Manix Abrera

ni KB Meniado Hindi ako ang number one super hardcore fan ni Manix Abrera. Paminsan-minsan ko lang nasusubaybayan ang Kikomachine Komix! niya sa Inquirer, pati na rin ang News Hardcore niya sa GMA News Online. Sa katunayan, noong 2014 ko lang siya simulang sundan matapos kong mabasa yung Travel Hardcore sa Smile Magazine habang papunta kami ng Tokyo. At noong 2015 ko lang simulang basahin ang kanyang mga…More

What Am I To You: Episode 2

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla Four years later. Greenbelt 3, Makati City. Cold. That’s how I’ve always described the night breeze in Makati. Even in the summer, when the city is bursting with life, Makati feels cold, distant. Maybe that’s why people who live and work here can’t survive without their caffeine and alcohol. Something to keep them…More

11 More Pinoy Comics to Love

by EK Gonzales So. You’re new to local independent komiks. You’ve read Trese and Kikomachine, and maybe Mythology Class, and you want more. You’ve heard there are very interesting things happening in local komiks. You’d be right. But you don’t know where to start. Recommending comics to anybody is difficult because there are as many comics…More

A Love that Builds Communities: An Interview with Every Teacher A Reader

by Mavic Basilia Let’s face it. When you find your missing half, you can’t help but want to share your love with the rest of the world. Some couples do this by wearing couple shirts. Others perform extravagant gestures. But for Cris and Galvin Ngo, their shared passion for reading has resulted in a beautiful, creative…More

What Am I To You: Episode 1

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla Photo by Scott Baraquel Jr.They say memory is subjective. So how come we remember so much of what we want to forget? They say you’ll fall madly in love only once or twice in a lifetime, and the rest will be a blur. I made the same stupid mistake in the same…More

Illustrating Life: An Interview with Artist Lauren Baldo

by Aia Arkoncel Some of us love illustrations, some of us love paintings and some of us love writing, but most of us simply love art. Lauren Baldo is a full-time freelance artist who has a way of putting all of these things together, and we are the lucky ones who get to experience it. His…More

Bookbed recommends: ‘Cheese in the Trap’ webtoon by Soonkki

by KB Meniado The thing about k-drama and me is that we’re an on-and-off thing. I can go a long time without caring about any of them—months, even years. But when it hits me with the perfect one, I’m trapped and there’s no way out of love~ For example: Ooooh My Venus! What a way to rekindle with k-drama. (Thanks, 엄마! Mothers…More

6 Pinoy Comics To Love

by EK Gonzales If you ask me about the history of komiks in the Philippines, I, unfortunately, will not be able to give you very good answers. I came late to the scene, in the middle of new komik history being made. Trese was already a recognized series, ZsaZsa Zaturrnah had been made into a musical,…More