Bookbed reviews: ‘Skor’ by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma

by Twila Bergania THE STORY Skor by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma is a novel set in the slums of Manila, where poverty, sex and drugs rule everyone’s lives. Throughout the book, the term “skor” is used to depict drug use and crimes, themes that make the novel fairly different from most books you might see inContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Skor’ by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma”

Burning the Passion for Reading

by Lucille de Mesa A few days ago, my friend and I were reminiscing about our high school memories which led to talking about books. We were avid readers back in the day. I told her about my current Goodreads challenge and the review on my blog about a book I just finished reading. We wereContinue reading “Burning the Passion for Reading”

‘Give Your Books A Second Chance’ on the 20th!

If your 20th of February isn’t booked yet, then save the date for us! Together with Every Teacher A Reader and Tweedle Book Cafe, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day through “Give Your Books A Second Chance.” It will be a night of games, spoken word, #bookbedblinddates and acoustic music—all for a good cause! SeeContinue reading “‘Give Your Books A Second Chance’ on the 20th!”

Bookbed reviews: ‘The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules’ by Catherine Ingelman-Sundberg

by Mikki Shiu THE STORY 79-year-old Martha Anderson dreams of escaping her care home and robbing a bank. She has no intention of spending the rest of her days in an armchair and is determined to fund her way to a much more exciting life-style. Along with her four oldest friends – otherwise known as theContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules’ by Catherine Ingelman-Sundberg”

#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?

by Miren B. Flores Because I, too, am a single, childless, 30-something Filipina. Apparently, most female authors (and more so than male ones, I’ve read) are asked if their work is autobiographical, so I may have just undermined Girl Power and all. (Sorry about that.) But aren’t you also supposed to write about what you know?Continue reading “#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?”