Bookbed reviews: ‘Sula’s Voyage’ by Catherine Torres (plus a giveaway!)

by Allana Luta The book I finished before Sula’s Voyage was Eugene Y. Evasco’s Anina ng mga Alon, which I had bought at the 2015 Manila International Book Fair but decided to read only now. It was about Anina, a young Badjao, growing up in a society that does not completely understand or accept her people’sContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Sula’s Voyage’ by Catherine Torres (plus a giveaway!)”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Wounded Little Gods’ by Eliza Victoria

by Rae Rival THE STORY Regina was born and raised in the small town of Heridos, where gods and spirits walked the earth. Until they didn’t. Ten years ago, the whole town produced a bad harvest – rice grains as black as soot – and the people of the town moved on, away from the soilContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Wounded Little Gods’ by Eliza Victoria”

Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat

by Hannah Taotjo Think: romance literature. Done? Now, be honest—did this picture pop into your head? If you said yes, congratulations. You are now officially outdated. You can put away your auntie’s racy paperbacks now, you won’t be needing them anymore (and those Fifty Shades copies, too). It was my first time to attend an event likeContinue reading “Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat”

Bookbed reviews: ‘The Mystery on 17th Street’ by Annie Gorra

by Rae Rival I once tried writing about my neighborhood when I was younger, but I lacked the values and skills needed to create a good story about one’s neighbors. I didn’t know how to sustain telling the lives of so many characters. I didn’t know how to hold them together so my narrative will have a unified quality.Continue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘The Mystery on 17th Street’ by Annie Gorra”

What Am I To You: Episode 11

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla “Of course, it means something to you,” Tristan says. “You’re a girl.” I must look even more confused because Tristan takes a deep breath, walks towards me behind the counter and refills my glass. “Look, Kit. He’s a guy. Even if he tells you how much he likes you, that doesn’t meanContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 11”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Vovochka’ by Alexander J. Motyl

by Lucille de Mesa Perhaps, we can all agree that we have this one friend we cannot imagine our lives without. We call them ‘sis,’ ‘pare,’ ‘mare,’ ‘bestie,’ ‘best friend,’ ‘kapatid,’—even b*tch/b*atch, and all those other pet~ names. But here’s the thing: Will you allow this one friend to write a book about your lives and adventures together? Will itContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Vovochka’ by Alexander J. Motyl”