What Am I To You: Episode 16

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla I’d like to think that I’m a workaholic. I may have a problem with the occasional—okay, constant—tardiness but given that I live near the office, I am often the first to arrive and one of the last people to leave during the work week. My boss, Joey, didn’t have the heart toContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 16”

Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 3 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by Allana Luta and KB Meniado You’ve probably seen the teasers for the upcoming film adaptation of F.H. Batacan’s Smaller and Smaller Circles, the award-winning book, also tagged as the first Filipino crime novel. You’ve probably already bought a copy, to have and to read, right before the movie comes out. And now you’re probably also wondering where youContinue reading “Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 3 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors”

What Am I To You: Episode 15

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla Last night was a complete disaster. After the play, Collin and Matthew invited Denver and me to a round of drinks at some restobar along Jupiter Street. I politely declined after way too much urging from Collin. In the end, I had to say that I’m meeting someone else after the event,Continue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 15”

Shelfwalking: 6 Books That Helped Shaped My Advoca-Sea

by Anna Oposa When I was asked to write about six books that helped shaped my advocacy as a marine conservationist, I was thrilled. I have so many books related to it! My shelves are home to titles like Conservation Science, The Optimistic Environmentalist, The Sixth Extinction and Marine Conservation Biology. I then realized I have neverContinue reading “Shelfwalking: 6 Books That Helped Shaped My Advoca-Sea”

Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 2 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by Allana Luta Last week, we launched Part 1 of our #HeistClub feature series. This time, we’re back with Part 2, with authors Irene Recio, Jee Ann Guibone, Georgette S. Gonzales and Ana Valenzuela of What We Fear who share with us their personal fears and the challenges and importance of writing crime stories. INSPIRATION AND CHALLENGES IN WRITINGContinue reading “Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 2 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors”

What Am I To You: Episode 14

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla I sense change, like how you can smell a thunderstorm before it hits. Matthew’s calls became less frequent. And then the calls became text messages. And SMS became chat messages. The blanket of bliss I’ve long carried with me started to lose its purpose—as if the worries inside of me are tooContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 14”

Bookmarked: Celebrating Lands and Seas

by Lindy Gamolo This month, we are delighted to join all environmentalists and advocates in celebrating the Philippine Environment Month and Celebrate the Seas Month. For environmentalists, this month probably means launching an idea, a program or targeting significant milestones on top of their usual work, which already involves taking care of our environment. But whatContinue reading “Bookmarked: Celebrating Lands and Seas”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Natural Analogies’ by Lora Noreen Domingo

by Lausanne Barlaan THE STORY Natural Analogies is a collection of personal essays by Lora Noreen Domingo. As hinted in the book’s title, the writer narrates her insights and observations through analogies between her subjects and animals. “Definitions” takes readers on a fly-on-the-wall account with the writer, as she observes how a community that worked on unspokenContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Natural Analogies’ by Lora Noreen Domingo”