Bookmarked: Celebrating Lands and Seas

by Lindy Gamolo

This month, we are delighted to join all environmentalists and advocates in celebrating the Philippine Environment Month and Celebrate the Seas Month.

For environmentalists, this month probably means launching an idea, a program or targeting significant milestones on top of their usual work, which already involves taking care of our environment. But what does really celebrating mean for ordinary blokes like you and me? What are we expected to do or to contribute to this cause?

And yeah, what does Bookmarked have anything to do with this?

As I was writing this post, I only wanted to make one point and that is to highlight—once again—bookmarks as effective campaign materials to promote a certain advocacy, by which a few of the bookmarks in my collection show. But then, we know it shouldn’t just stop in providing information.

Thus, a quick thought brought me down to three basic things: Information, Reflection and Application.


The simplest way we can contribute is to spread information. Use of bookmarks is still a creative way to disseminate information, environmental campaigns, activities, and even feature our flora and fauna for everyone’s appreciation. And we’re actually doing it now! We’re sharing what others have done to promote awareness in caring for the environment and our co-inhabitants on planet Earth.

Visit Creek Week for more information.


As receivers of information, passing it on to others is important, but we don’t want to be just messengers who pass information without fully understanding what the message means (we do this all the time on Facebook). What we can do is reflect on what the information has to do with us and what can we do about it.


If we realize it matters to us, it’s something affecting us or our loved ones, or the values and principles we hold dear, then we should make a move. And the most important move is not to make other people do something about it, but instead WE do something about it. It starts with you and me. No one can make you change your lifestyle and your way of consumption but yourself.  

Breathing Places

Visit BBC Breathing Places and BBB Earth for more information.

So there, Bookmarked’s little piece of thought as a way to observe this month’s environmental celebrations. ☁

Anything to share? :)

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