Poetry Submission: ‘Amidst the Collision’

by c.b. Joaquina It happened all at once. Emma was fixing herself a cup of coffee.  Klint was scrolling through his phone, trying to make sense of the world.  Rey was talking to his excited little daughter.  She was happy. It was her birthday.    It happened all at once.  We were all going about ourContinue reading “Poetry Submission: ‘Amidst the Collision’”

Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 1 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by KB Meniado Before I sat down to write this article, I tried out a little experiment. I asked some of my friends to recommend to me their favorite crime novels written by Filipinos. I wasn’t surprised that our exchanges were peppered with the recurring “Pero teka, crime fic ba ‘yun?” Coming from that, it’s a safeContinue reading “Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 1 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors”

What Am I To You: Episode 13

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla If I have to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be truffle butter. 71 Gramercy’s warm brioche slices with truffle butter are to die for. I gladly eat the entire platter Matt offers me when we reach his condo in Parañaque. Despite the catfight, the magazineContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 13”

Bookbed goes to: The Bookyard Cafe

by Gayna Kumar, p hotos by Lindy Gamolo Walk several steps towards the Garden Heights Condominium parking area along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City and be prepared to have your The Secret Garden moment. Save for small signages seen through the glass window, you’ll never guess that a book-themed cafe exists across Trinity University ofContinue reading “Bookbed goes to: The Bookyard Cafe”

#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game

by Chris Mariano Confession: For most of my high school life, I wasn’t allowed to read Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High, which were the de rigueur series at that time. Of course, I wasn’t going to let parental permission get in the way of reading books that I had already been devouring since I wasContinue reading “#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game”

Tales of An Ebook Convert

by Lucille de Mesa Like most bookaholics, I started my encounter with these magical objects at a very young age. I blame my mother for my book obsession—she introduced me to storybooks mostly full of colorful animal drawings, which were of course attractive to children. In my early high school years, as I raved about theContinue reading “Tales of An Ebook Convert”

Bookbed reviews: ‘What She Knew’ by Nadine Galinsky Feldman

by Clarissa Chua THE STORY Liz Nabor has a successful Wall Street career, using her brains and ambition to thrive in a male-dominated industry. At the top of her game, she enjoys a glamorous Manhattan lifestyle with her gorgeous boyfriend, Rick. When the 2008 economic crisis looms, though, Liz’s boss pressures her to produce revenue…whatever itContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘What She Knew’ by Nadine Galinsky Feldman”

What Am I To You: Episode 12

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla The press invite comes like a notification on Facebook messenger, like a message from someone who doesn’t care if you already made plans for that particular day. The press invite arrives with the same aura as the editor behind it—mysterious and demanding. Matt’s magazine launch is set on a Friday night, theContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 12”