6 Discoveries About Inflight Reading

by Clarissa Chua

I have never been a fan of airplanes. (Well, except for the time when they gave out free things like coloring books and crayons, but I was too young to actually remember that.) Imagine my dread when I was faced with a four-hour flight. Yes, it may not be that bad yet, but can you blame me? Clue: No. The answer is no. HAHA. Fortunately, I was able to keep myself occupied and here are the six little things I appreciated about my air journey with a book.

1. Pick the right book

It is a long flight. I would not want to get stuck with a book that I would close after a good five minutes of reading because it’s boring. That definitely defeats the purpose of  bringing the book and it’ll just take up space in my carry-on. That long TBR list? It’s time to cross one title off of it. Or if you like the author, like what I did with this book selection, that could work too. I probably could not stress it more, but your interest in the book is crucial.

2. The window seat is the best

You might have loved the window seat for the fluffy clouds or the threatening mountains you see outside, but it does not stop there. This seat is also the best for reading. That big ball of hydrogen and helium became my best friend when it came to dissecting the novel line by line during my morning flight. It provided the best light for my four eyes.

3. Switch on the lights

I used to wonder if the lights will be directed at my seat because it’s seems like it only provides for the middle chair, but it does. I shut the shades when it became hot, and turned on the lights. I also tried switching it on with my windows already opened and it still made a difference. I eventually switched it off when the weather was better because I preferred the natural light that was coming in from my window, but you should give it a try.

4. The stow-away table is a friend

We are all well aware that airplanes do not have the consumer’s best interests in mind when it comes to space. Sharing that armrest may be a struggle (unless you are in Business Class, of course; that’s an entirely different story). I was fortunate enough to have one armrest to myself. Thank you, window seat! But that was all I got. I spent some time struggling to find the right position to read in. Putting it below hurts the neck. Putting it up is tough with only one arm with a support. You may opt to claim both arm rests, but I am quite certain daggers will be sent your way. Fortunately, the stow-away table is not shared.

5. Bookmarks save you

If you are the type who plans to read but suffers from ins and outs of consciousness because of the unbearable flight, look back at the heading. What more is there to say?

6. Learn(ing) to love my book’s journeys

I brought a physical book with me, which is probably not the best idea for someone who gets OC whenever a book gets a slight crease. There are better ways to handle a book but going through all the transfers and waiting, it could get hurt. When I noticed that the front cover was slightly creased (and I had no idea how it came to be), I cringed. But I came to consider that those creases are part of the trip which will probably be the most unforgettable one in my life. ☁






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