6 Things To Love About Japanese Bookstores

by Clarissa Chua

Last year, we visited bookish destinations in Hong Kong. This time, let’s discover the awesome things about Japanese bookstores!

1. Nine floors of books, books and more books

One of Japan’s biggest chain of bookstores, Books Kinokuniya, has a branch in Shinjuku, home to over nine floors of books. Each floor houses its own specialty, such as design and crafts, sciences or even just CDs and DVDs. Tourists and visitors surely do not feel left out when visiting the bookstore because they have the entire sixth floor solely dedicated to foreign books!

2. Secondhand bookstores

There are also mini-bookstores all over the streets of Tokyo! These bookstores house Japanese titles that are really cheap. Most, if not all, are in good condition because of book covers. That and because they Japanese are just good book caretakers.

3. Seeing the manga in its original glory

Need I add more? :-p

4. Bonus

What is better than seeing your favorite books in their original language? Well, finding specials that only come with the original titles! For instance, while I was going through bookstores, I found this map of one of the mangas I read, Orange. It is a map of the town where the story was set with all the special events highlighted in the map.

5. Young, old, boys and girls

With Japan’s aging population, the number of old people in the city is twice as many as the ones in the Philippines. They not only populate the streets and trains, but also the bookstores! They flip through books alongside teens in the manga section and alongside the salarymen in the academic books. Isn’t it a delight to see a variety of people coming together because of books?

6. #ReadingNation

Even though Japan is the image of technological advances, everyone is still into books. I mean, EVERYONE. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, people from across all ages can be found in bookstores. Even on train rides, the Japanese either have books on their hands or on their iPhones!

That’s it for this round! If you’re familiar with any of the titles in the photos above, or if you want me to feature a particular place while I’m here, let me know in the comments. Until then, またね!☁

3 responses to “6 Things To Love About Japanese Bookstores”

  1. Awesome! And they also have this “book sharing system” in some subway stations! Loved #2 and #4!


    1. We haven’t heard of that yet. Maybe link us to one of your blog posts, if any?


      1. No worries! I only have a short anecdote of it on my instagram account, but here’s an article which would tell you more on how it works! Hope it helps! http://popupcity.net/a-free-library-in-the-tokyo-subway/

        Liked by 1 person

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