Rewind Down: #WAITY Episodes 7-12

by Cindy Wong Dela Cruz and Elaine Zapanta

Welcome back to Rewind Down, where we sit back, relax and revisit stories. This feature series is inspired by The Rewatch Project of Forever Young Adult.

Have you caught up with Episodes 1-6 yet? Click here for that session! If you’re done, then let’s proceed!

EPISODE 7, in which we all meet another hot guy in Kit’s life

You would think we’ve already met the man in Kit’s story. Oh no, ladies. Say hello to gorgeous, mister-architect Tristan, also known as the best friend from high school. Unfortunately, he was pretty much friend-zoned (how could you, Kit?), but well, they did meet during puberty—Tristan: tall, thin, bullied; Kit: had braces, glasses, big hair and dark skin.

But didn’t we all go through that cruel phase???

Anyway, so we see the two get closer. Tristan discovers skating, and Kit the salon. Then they go to prom together! Isn’t that sweet?

But as all good things, of course, that comes to an end. Tristan moves to the States.

And that leaves Kit all alone again, vulnerable to Matthew’s spell. Sigh, Matthew, who has such promise but then seems to be living up to our first impression of him (DOUCHE).

Why do good girls fall in love with bad guys? SOMEBODY TELL US WHY.

The good news, though: TRISTAN RETURNS! Originally Mister Architect is now Chef, who can make a sinigang burger (How about we have some?) and is planning to open his restaurant.

Oh, and before we forget: a man bun is now present. Sexy, huh? #TeamTristan

They catch up with their lives, except that Kit leaves out Matthew issues. So Tristan did not know any better when he invites her over to his photographer cousin’s show opening night.

EPISODE 8, in which Kit waits for Matthew

Speaking of Matthew, guess what? He never called back—even after five days! Our girl, Kit, tries to calm herself by giving him the benefit of the doubt. And because we are such good friends, we support her. Even when she tortures her self with questions only Matthew must be held reliable for.

That said, we see a lot of contemplating in this episode. Kit reminisces on what happened the last time they met, how it was an uncomfortably silent ride, etc. etc. And how he said he would call.


But Kit doesn’t stop there. She continues to “reflect” on everything wrong in her life. (We feel you, sista, but you have to move forward!)

AND HOLY MOLY, DOES SHE. She wears her dark blue cocktail dress to her date with Tristan. (See how we are already #TeamKiTris? Too much??)

EPISODE 9, in which a wild Matthew appears

When Tristan shows up that evening with a new car (and his man bun, lest we forget!), we see more reasons we should all cheer for him:

  • Dashing look (Dark coat, V-neck, butt-hugging jeans)
  • Good manners (He compliments Kit without sounding too objectifying.)
  • Security (Kit is easily comfortable with him!)

Off we go to the opening night. And just when we’re having so much fun, partying, Kit’s Britney Spears ringtone comes up. Guess who it is?

Okay, alright, it’s Matthew.

“Kit?” Matthew asks. “Bad time?”

Instead of hanging up, yelling at him, throwing her phone and a lot of other things we would have probably done, Kit says,

“No, what’s up?”

What is up is that Matthew is pissed at work. And because we all know how that feels—finally hearing that voice we’ve all been waiting to hear—we allow Kit to not only listen, but also comfort him through words of encouragement. (Kit is kind. Kit’s heart is gold. We should all like be Kit.)

And then Matthew drops the bomb:

“I really like you, Kit. I don’t know how you do it. You make me feel good about myself. Sometimes, I don’t know what you keep seeing in me.”

And goes on to invite her to meet. We’re keeping our hands off this one, Kit. Your move.

EPISODE 10, in which ya girl Kit fell further down the rabbit hole

Before we start this review, can we just say we two are already a solid #TeamKiTris also? We’re already so invested in this ship, might as well get that out of the way, lol.

So, in this episode Kit ditches dreamy-emotionally-stable-goes-after-his-dream Tristan to hang out with good old douchebag Matthew. We keep willing Kit with my brain powers to have some chill and stay with Tristan but ya girl Kit is one hard-headed lady.

We don’t know if hang out is the right term in this context because Kit hung out by herself on Matthew’s office couch while Matthew was typing on his computer to meet his editorial deadline.

It’s so obvious how Matthew keeps stringing Kit along because he knows he still has a hold on her. Kit will keep backsliding until Matthew gets rid of her broken and dirty and changed forever.

BUT there’s a Tristan appearance in this episode, too!!! Kit finally apologizes to him after leaving him at the opening last week. Kit visits him in his new restaurant and we find out more about Tristan: he has always been level-headed and wise.

She came clean about the Matthew situation and Tristan, being the level headed and wise man he is, dropped the T so hard even we kinda felt bad for all the stupid stunts we did in the past, lol. #TeamBrutalHonesty

EPISODE 11, in which Tristan tries to talk some sense into Kit

#KiTris continues their heart to heart session in this episode. Tristan is the guy perspective on this slimy Matthew sitch. But he’s so much better.

Exhibit 130247923397492342:

“He knows when to pat me on the back, when to fluff my ego, and when to break my rose-colored glasses.”


Seriously. Why isn’t Kit seeing this the way we (meaning #TeamKiTris) want her to see this? He knows Mr. Asshat is mistreating his friend and he tells her the smart thing to do: get out while you can.

But Kit realizes she is in love with Matthew and there’s nothing a friend could say after that other than be careful.

EPISODE 12, a PSA about eating before drinking

In this episode, Kit receives a press invite for Matthew’s magazine launch. Matthew could have delivered this invite personally. He knows where Kit lives, but we guess Mr. I Have Something To Prove wants to let everyone in Kit’s office know that he is heading a different magazine now.

Kit could have gone with Tristan to Marinduque for his weeklong culinary training. Instead, she was in “a sea of black-wearing, stiletto-wearing, lipstick-smacking women whose every pore scream sex all around.” Aaaand I’m bored already.

Another character is introduced in this episode; one of Matthew’s old friends, so it is not surprising to learn he’s also 100% disgusting to the core. He provided Kit with a blow-by-blow of Matthew’s Failed Proposal™, which, to be honest, isn’t that surprising.

What ticks me about Matthew’s behavior is the destructive nature of it. When a girl gets dumped, she hurts herself. When a guy gets dumped, he hurts another human being.

Matthew sees Kit, verbally objectifies her then leaves her to wait. Again. Kit’s lust makes her gulp whiskey all of a sudden. There is a small cat fight. Then Kit realizes she has not eaten anything before drinking all da whiskey~ (two glasses) and then this happened:

“I feel the floor give away before Matthew catches me.”

Is this some kind of foreshadowing? We’ll find out in the next episode!!!

P.S. I am still #TeamKiTris, tyvm. ☁

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