Storiesnap Time: ‘I Don’t Like to Eat’ by Excel Dyquiangco and Marcus Nada

Welcome to Storiesnap Time, in which we feature books with illustrations in snaps and clips.

For our first book, we chose I Don’t Like To Eat by Excel Dyquiangco and Marcus Nada. It is a wordless story about a little boy who eats only junk food, a recommended read for ages six and above.

Watch the video below to check out a few pages, and if you enjoyed this, let us know in the comments below. We also welcome requests so feel free to send titles our way! ☁

This book is available on the Adarna House website. This post is not sponsored.

2 responses to “Storiesnap Time: ‘I Don’t Like to Eat’ by Excel Dyquiangco and Marcus Nada”

  1. Excel V. Dyquiangco Avatar
    Excel V. Dyquiangco

    thanks for featuring our book!


    1. Our pleasure! Thank you for watching as well!


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