#BookbedReadsPHLit Report for February

Welcome to the second book report for #BookbedReadsPHLit this 2017! In this challenge, readers must choose one book by a Filipino every month throughout the year. Check out our picks for February below!

1. The Big Fat Book of Self-Love by Danah and Stacy Gutierrez

I follow the authors (who are twins!) on Instagram, and when they first posted about publishing their own book, I I knew I had to get it! With every page creatively done, this book was a pure pleasure to read. It contains self-confessions and their struggles to be accepted for what they are, plus styling tips for curvy women and make-up tips as well. There are times I reread it every once in a while as it helps boost one’s self-confidence!

However: (Highlight text to read.) No pun intended, but they could have made it thicker with more stories from other girls!

tl;dr: This book is all about self-love: Anybody is beautiful regardless of color, shape or size!

Get a copy: Available at bookstores nationwide.—Cindy Wong Dela Cruz

2. Dare to Love by C.P. Santi

What I liked: I loved the overall dynamic of the book—from the setting down to the characters themselves. Most of the story is set in San Pablo, Laguna with some casual drops of Los Banos, which are places I’m familiar with, so I was able to easily imagine the scenes playing in my mind. I also appreciated the fact that this book is sex-positive, because it’s not everyday I get to read a book from a local author that promotes such!

However: I could do with more scenes featuring Alex and Gia’s kids because they make my heart melt!

tl;dr: I enjoyed reading this adorable and sweet story that is guaranteed to melt hearts, especially if heart owner adored kids.

Get a copy: Buy at Amazon.—Inah Peralta

3. Another Word for Happy by Agay Llanera

What I liked: It says right on the cover that it’s ‘a story about coming out,’ and it is, and in more ways than one. The main character, Caleb, comes out of his mother’s over-protectiveness, his artistic comfort zone and most importantly, the ‘closet’ he had built himself in, and I enjoyed how these, and other facets like friendship, relationships and passions, came into play regarding his eventual self-discovery. The writing is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, complete with wisdom and inspiration. My favorite were the chapter titles because they captured each chapter perfectly and made it seem like every one was a short story!

tl;dr: A profound tale about coming out, Another Word For Happy is a book I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a friend who can hold their hand and have their back throughout their self-discovery journey.

Get a copy: Buy at Amazon.—KB Meniado

Anything to share? :)

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