Why Filipinos Should Read: ‘The Anti-Development State’ by Walden Bello

by Bryan Meniado While there are many good reasons to be proud of being Filipino, there remain deplorable realities happening in our society. Poverty, violence and politics, among others, continue to taint our nation and identity. Many have grown tired of the failed promises of elected officials saying they will make the country great. Some of…More

Bookbed reviews: ‘Found: Letters on Love, Life, and God’ by Isa Garcia

by Lausanne Barlaan Letters are a lost form of art, now overtaken by the ease of text messages and the speed of emails. All these new forms of communication are quick and convenient, yes, but they are mostly devoid of personality. Emojis may be the closest substitution, but nothing beats words weaved together by a loved…More

From the Bookbed Room: ‘Royally Matched’ by Emma Chase

by Bea Masaluñga Royally Matched by Emma Chase follows Prince Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook who signs up for a reality TV dating game show featuring 20 of the world’s most beautiful blue bloods gathered in a castle. There, he finds Lady Sarah Mirabelle Zinnia von Tittebottum who has him captivated. Unfortunately, she isn’t a contestant… ☁ Continue…More

Shelfwalking: 4 Romance Series I Love The Most

by Mikki Shiu I actually have an ordinary looking bookshelf, a five-layer one made of plain regular plywood, and it is not even painted, finished or covered yet. I requested it from my dad a few years ago when I noticed my growing number of books. The top shelf is where I place all book…More