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#BookbedReadsPHLit Report for March

Welcome to the third book report for #BookbedReadsPHLit this 2017! In this challenge, readers must choose one book by a Filipino every month throughout the year. Check out our picks for March below!

1. The Rise of the Pinoy by Mike Grogan

What I liked: It’s always a great feeling to be reminded of how creative, persevering and aspiring Filipinos are, and with this book, I found 21 (!) stories that renewed my motivation to live up to my goals. I love that each chapter has detailed accounts of different Filipinos’ journey to passion and success, and how at every end, there’s a worksheet I could fill out on and reflect upon. Every story also includes the author’s insights, which I found to be sincere and refreshing.

(Trivia: I have met Mike Grogan in person at the Run for Reading event by The Storytelling Project last year, and he does have great respect and faith in what the Filipino can do.)


The 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos

1. Be reminded of your inspiration daily.

2. You have a unique assignment that only you can complete.

3. If your motive is wrong, nothing can be right.

4. The quality of questions you ask yourself will determine your destiny.

5. Embracing your pain qualifies you to be of greater service to a greater number of people.

(Highlight succeeding text to read!)

6. Get the book…

7. … and find out for yourself! Promise it’s worth it!

Get a copy: Pick up a copy from bookstores nationwide.—KB Meniado

2. Don’t Tell My Mother by Brigitte Bautista

What I liked: It’s the first Filipino book I’ve seen with this topic that seems packaged to appeal to the “mass market,” meaning—at least to me—the cover and blurb made it seem very readable and inviting. The voices in this story seemed clear and natural, too. I liked how Sam, the main character, navigated personal feelings, family history and community expectations. It was also enjoyable to see that she and Clara still tried to be involved in church activities.

Get a copy: Buy at National Book Store.—Agnes Manalo

3. Keep The Faith by Ana Tejano

What I liked: I didn’t just like this book—I loved it! I fell in love with how easy it is to relate to Faith, relationship and passion-wise. Aside from the kilig, I loved that community work was put forward here as a main element in the story. Inspiring!

tl;dr: For those going through a breakup of any kind, this is an inspiring read to get you out of your funk.

Get a copy: Buy from the author’s website.—Lucille de Mesa

4. Meaning & History: The Rizal Lectures by Ambeth Ocampo

What I liked: The book reintroduces us to Rizal and sheds light to the more human side of our revered hero. Ambeth Ocampo draws from a wide range of primary sources to look into the different facets of Rizal’s life as a scientist, historian and revolutionary. He also emphasizes that knowing our heroes and our history should not only be viewed as mere litany of facts and forgettable dates but meaningful narratives for us to know more about ourselves as Filipinos.


“The point to remember is that history does not repeat itself. We repeat history.”

Get a copy: Buy at National Book Store.—BM


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