Shelfwalking: Books I Brought With Me to Another Country

by Georgette S. Gonzales

Here’s a shot of my bookshelf at my residence in California.

That is just about 20% of all the print books I own. It will take a few more trips home to the Philippines before I can haul everything to the States. How did I choose which ones to bring first? I chose those I have not read and will likely read soon in addition to the stash in my Kindle reader.

Now, what’s in my bookshelf?

  1. Complete print copies of my published Tagalog novellas. For posterity. 😉
  2. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series. Mine isn’t complete yet. I have about eight books to collect for this to be up to date. I love these stories—paranormal-mystery-suspense romance whose heroes have deep dark pasts and broken souls. I am a sucker for those types. *dreamy sigh* (One of our team members here on Bookbed, Mikki, also has the Dark Hunters in her shelves. Check out her Shelfwalking here.)
  3. Titles from Suzanne Brockman, Sharon Sala, Tami Hoag and Linda Howard for my mystery-suspense fix and inspiration.
  4. Nora Roberts—some paranormal, some contemporary
  5. Loose titles from author friends and those that don’t belong in any group
  6. Trinkets I bought from my travels abroad. And yeah, two of my throwback pictures and two mechanical bears.

Do we have books in common? If there are none, maybe you can add some of mine into your shelves, and then recommend me some of yours. Hope you enjoyed this Shelfwalking! ☁

Editor’s note: Georgette S. Gonzales is a Filipino author we support. Her books, Classified and Of Love and Special Things, are available on the Bookbed Store. Read local!

2 responses to “Shelfwalking: Books I Brought With Me to Another Country”

  1. Thanks for this, Bookbed! ❤


    1. Thank you for sharing your shelves with us, too!


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