Bookbed reviews: ‘Kate, Finally’ by Yeyet Soriano

by Inah Peralta


After six sizzling nights with hot IT consultant Layne Sto. Domingo, writer Kate Borromeo realizes she really sucks at love. She’s thirty-five, she just recently moved on from a destructive unrequited love situation with her longtime love and best friend, only to end up in bed with someone who isn’t going to give her what she wants.

So when gorgeous corporate finance wiz Rob Salcedo, Kate’s first love and best friend, turns over a new leaf and finally proposes marriage to her, promising to make up for all the hurt he caused her, Kate accepts and prepares for the wedding of her dreams.

But when Layne waltzes back into her life, seemingly ready to finally let her into his heart, it appears the universe has other plans for Kate.

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There’s variety with how the story was told. It started pretty fast, with Kate and Layne’s encounters in different countries; the middle parts were a bit slower and the ending was a total whirl. From the start, I noticed Kate and Layne had perfect chemistry and their personalities complemented each other. I enjoyed how fate seems to threw them together at the perfect time. It’s also worth noting that this book is sex-positive.

I also enjoyed how visual the author described the places, culture and the food. I felt like I was actually there with the characters. Speaking of characters, I also adored the minor characters, especially Layne’s and Kate’s family.


(Spoiler alert! Highlight succeeding text to read.) I do feel a lot iffy about Rob. While he claims that he’s changed for the better, I just couldn’t bring myself to believe him.

The middle part of the story, as I mentioned, had a slow pace and that was a bit of an issue for me. There were also a lot of flashbacks during this point, and some, I could say, that I could go on without reading. I do enjoy flashbacks but I just think there were too much inserted in the narration, which made reading a little confusing.


Overall, I pretty much have mixed feelings about this book. It had its ups and downs—moments that made me swoon, situations where I did not agree with the characters—but I enjoyed that this was a complex story. Add in the raw emotions and angst of the characters, Kate, Finally could easily be relatable for many romance readers. ☁



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